Target Keywords for Google and Your Clients

I hate to say it but it’s the ultimate truth that your SEO client needs to understand SEO if you want to get results. In other words, if your client doesn’t understand how Google works or how different services related to Google can play a role in success of SEO, you will fail ultimately.

With that said, it is the responsibility of SEOs and marketers to tell the clients how SEO works. The reason is that they need to expect things based on the reality. And when they do, they are going to stick around with your services for longer time.

You have got to target the right keywords

You need to be quite transparent about your work with the client. You need to tell your client about the keyword research and the reason why it would be important. Your client should also know about the difference between transactional and information queries. Then you will also have to make the client understand about the difference location-based queries can make.

In the start, you need to make the client understand your entire keyword strategy, and that how this strategy is going to bring in the local traffic that would convert. Then you will have to talk about the negative keywords. Tell your clients how and why you don’t want the traffic to come from specific keywords at all. This negative keyword implementation strategy is highly important for the PPC campaign to work.

When they understand the process of keyword research, they are going to have the feeling about involvement in the decision making process. This way, when they would expect a keyword to bring in traffic but it would not do that, they can be explained about the unimportance of keyword. Hence, everyone is going to be on the same page.

A little education is for your own benefit

Many people like their clients to be dumb because they think they can make the client stick around with them for a long time. Besides a few cases, this concept is a total failure. This is the age of information and everyone can get basic knowhow about every process in the world. And if your client doesn’t know much about your SEO approach, he/she is going to get this knowhow, and then you never know if you lose the project based on client’s perception that SEO is simple. Another major benefit of educating a client is that the client will be able to know about the complexities involved in the process. And then the client will know the limitations you may face during the process.


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